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Тема Re: жесть какаято
Написал Mike Lykоv <combr@ya.ru>
Дата 18 апреля 2018 в 13:02:41
Группа новостей kraft.os.win

16.04.2018 11:06, Dark пишет:
> win 7 проф 32бит
> kb2952664
> вешает комп при инициализации сети, не удаляется.

там с обновлениями windows всё куда забавнее, например


If there are users in your patching environment that surf and click on
ANYTHING, I’d hope you’d make them do their random surfing on an iPad,
not a Windows machine (probably still with local admin rights) until
this Windows 7 patching mess gets straightened out. I don’t like telling
people to roll back to pre-January updates, but neither do I appreciate
Microsoft having constant side effects that are measurable and impactful
and all that happens is that they keep on telling us that they are
working on the issues and this will be fixed in a future release…
go into add/remove programs and roll back to December’s KB4054521
(security only) or KB4054518 (rollup) and then hang tight and keep our
fingers crossed that April’s updates will resolve these issues.
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