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Тема Arx Fatalis бесплатно до 31..05.2020
Написал Artyom M. <artmikh@mail.ru>
Дата 29 мая 2020 в 14:01:21
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Для получения нужну зарегиться на Arkane Outsiders и подписаться на email

Visit https://bethesda.net/hub/arkane20
Click “Join Arkane Outsiders” at the top of the page (this will take you to
the sign-up module)
Create/log into your Bethesda.net account (a Bethesda.net account is
required to access Arx Fatalis and the Art of Arkane artbook)
To receive Arx Fatalis: Click the check box to sign up for emails, hit join
and you’re all set! All you have to do is log in to the Bethesda.net
launcher with your Bethesda.net account and Arx Fatalis will be in your
library, ready to download.

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#  Arx Fatalis бесплатно до 31..05.2020 Artyom M. 29 мая 2020 в 14:01:21

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